Bingo Diamond Review

Welcome to our bingo diamond review. This particular provider opened its doors back in 2011 and has gone on to become a massive success, which operating within the microgaming sector that has become very popular amongst those who love bingo and other similar online games.

Very high quality gameplay is what most people have come to expect from other similar offerings in this sector of the market, and bingo diamond truly don’t dissapoint in that regard and have become leaders in the market, especially where bingo and instant games are concerned.

Inside the lobby when you open an account, you have instant access to an easy to navigate game room where you can select your most preferred games including instant slots and of course, bingo. Along with simple a simple to use interface, you will also find all the information you need related to each game in a simple to understand manner, this info includes things such as pricing, prizes, times and players, for your convenience. You can also purchase tickets ahead of time so your all set when the game starts, so you are not messing around and can avoid missing out on playing the game if anything goes wrong at the very last minute.

The last thing you want to happen is lose your internet connect secondds before the game starts which means you cannot buy your tickets in time, so its a useful feature which offers stress free online gaming.

One of the most attractive offers is that the majority of the games you will find on bingo diamond are buy one get one free, so if you want to get a ton of free games, then you can do so buy just buy the same amount of games that you would like to get for free. Both regular and progressive jackpots are offered and they have awesome jackpots which should not be missed.

When you first deposit, you can gain a bonus of 200% and can also get 20 free spins if you deposit £10. To add to that amazing value, you can also recieve a 200% booster of your initial bets, for example, you will recieve an additional £20 when you play with £10.

All offers are for new players only, so it’s best if you read the full terms and conditions on their official website, as you will also find requirements on wagers too.

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